Serving Pine Island for over 30 years


Stearns Custom Builders can handle all of your residential or light commercial needs. Whether you would like to build a custom home, remodel or add on to an existing home, or develop commercial property, we can handle the project.

The Team

What Sets Us Apart?

As a small family owned and operated business we are able to establish and maintain a personal relationship with our clients from concept through completion. Our team also self performs many of the trades that go in to our projects. This enables us to be very “hands on” and involved during the process of construction. Job site cleanliness is also a focus of ours and we pride ourselves on maintaining clean and professional job sites throughout the project. Whether it is a remodel or a new home, we view it as your home and not just a job site.

Stearns Custom Builders is willing to take the time and put forth the effort to ensure our customers have a pleasurable experience while building or having work done on their home.

The Team

Family History

The Stearns family has over 100 years of experience in residential and commercial construction here in Florida. The family started in construction four generations ago in the early 1900’s on the east coast of Florida where Earnest Stearns built homes in the Daytona Beach area. Next to follow suit in construction was Bob Stearns, better known as “Grandpa Stearns”, who became a flooring contractor after coming home from World War II. Bob’s company, Stearns Tile and Carpet, was a well-known and respected business for 43 years in the Daytona Beach area.

Scott Stearns was the next to establish himself as a well-known and respected craftsman. After staring out in his father’s business at Stearns Tile and Carpet, Scott came to southwest Florida in the late 1970’s. He began working here on Pine Island, the outer islands, and other parts of Lee County. Scott spent the next 30 years building a reputation for quality craftsmanship that would open the door for the start of the father and son team that is now known as Stearns Custom Builders, Inc.

In 2004 the father-son team of Scott and Derrick Stearns started with the change from R. S. Stearns Carpentry to Stearns Custom Builders, Inc. After graduating from the University of Central Florida in 2004, Derrick Stearns became a Certified Residential Contractor and moved back to his home town of Pine Island to start his career in construction. Doing so, he became the fourth generation of the Stearns family to pursue a career in construction here in Florida. A few years later, in 2007, Derrick obtained his Certified General Contractors license so that the family business could expand and provide complete commercial construction services.

From 2004 to 2013, Stearns Custom Builders has grown including the addition of 5 more employees including 4 carpenters and Darsey (Stearns) Smith as the office manager. We have also started the 5th generation of the Florida based family with the addition of Ryder, Makenna, Grayce, Aubrey, and Georgia who may take their turn at carrying the Stearns name and reputation long into the future.